Traveling with children

Traveling with children requires some extra planning in order for a family to fully enjoy their trip. In this post I am sharing some advice on how to make your trip as safe and comfortable as possible.

RSV and colds

It is very common for children to have colds. The first years in a child's life it can have up to 10-15 colds per year. Most of these infections pass by themselves and seeking medical care is usually not necessary. Here you can read more about children and virus infections, and advice on what you can do as a parent.

Children and sunlight

Both kids and adults benefit from being outside in the fresh air. Sunlight makes us feel great. But sometimes, it's good to get a little advice about being in the sun, sunscreen and what to do if a burn happens.

Babies and Allergies

The most common allergies during the first years of life are milk protein allergy and egg protein allergy. Nut or peanut allergies are more common later on in childhood. If you suspect your child has an allergy, it's very important to first contact your doctor or care provider to create a plan for treatment. Not all allergies come with typical signs like swelling, rashes or redness.