Nipple from Herobility – loved by the pickiest babies

Parents might not spend much thought on the shape of the nipple when buying baby bottles. However, it is more important than you might think. The most common reason to why babies refuse certain nipples is due to their shape. Herobility's nipple has an ergonomic, breast-like design. In this article, we tell you more about our unique nipple, how to clean it, how often you should switch, how to choose the right size and, what baby colic is. If you rather jump straight to our collection of nipples, you can find them here.

Risk of baby colic reduces with the right nipple

It is not unusual for newborns to get colic, usually it occurs within the first few months of a baby's life. Colic is usually most intense when the child is 1,5 to 2 months old. It can be difficult for new parents to determine whether it is colic or not, however, there are a few signs of baby colic that you can watch out for:

  • The baby screams inconsolably for hours straight, in several rounds throughout the day.
  • The baby might seem bothered by tummy ache, moan and tense its body.
  • The baby tends to scream more towards later in the day (afternoon and evening).
  • The baby struggles to poo.

Colic often passes on its own, but if you're unsure, worried, feel exhausted as a parent, contact your local pediatric center for support and advice. Remember that your child's general condition is the most important guide. If your child would get worse, seem lethargic, or struggling to eat - seek emergency care!

nipple from herobility

What makes Herobility's nipple unique?

Our award-winning nipple has a double anti-colic system that radically reduces the risk of baby colic. On top of that, it has an ergonomic, breast-like design that makes for a natural latch, which makes transitioning from breast to bottle a lot easier.

A lot of nipples do not prevent the baby from swallowing air, which can cause painful gas. Herobility's nipple has soft, breast-like hills that cover the corners of the mouth and prevent the baby from swallowing air. It is equipped with double air vents that prevent build-up of vacuum in the bottle, resulting in an even flow. Our nipple has an acceptance rate above 97%* and is loved by the pickiest babies. Parents across the globe testify that their babies accepted the nipple on the first try.

Are you about to start bottle-feeding? Read our advice here

nipple from herobility

What size should I choose?

Herobility's unique nipple comes in five sizes. Read more below for our general recommendations.

  • XS 0+ months – Slow flow, extra short teat. Suitable for breast milk or formula.
  • S 0+ months– Slow flow, normal length nipple. Suitable for breast milk and formula.
  • M 2+ months – Medium flow, normal length nipple. Suitable for breast milk and formula.
  • L 4+ months – Fast flow, normal length nipple. Suitable for every kind of liquid.
  • XL 6+ months – Self-regulating flow based on hard the baby sucks. Extra fast flow, normal length nipple. Suitable for thick liquids.

Which nipple do I get when I order a baby bottle from Herobility?

Baby Bottle 140 ml/ 5 floz comes with size S 
Baby Bottle 240 ml/ 8.5 floz comes with size M
Baby Bottle 340 ml/12 floz comes with size L

3 signs that you need to change nipple

  1. Wrong flow on the nipple. If your baby must make lots of effort to get food from the bottle, you probably need a nipple with a richer flow. On the other hand, if your baby keeps coughing and seems bothered when eating, you probably need a nipple with a slower flow.
  2. Wrong shape on the nipple. Use a breast-like nipple for easy acceptance.
  3. Is your baby still hungry after feeding? You probably need a bigger bottle.

How long can I use the nipple?

According to European standard, it is recommended to switch nipple every second month. Examine the nipple daily before use, throw the nipple at the slightest sign of wear to ensure safety and hygien.

How do I clean the nipple?

Our nipples are always sterilized during production, however, we recommend sterilizing the nipple before using it the first time. Fill a saucepan with water and place the nipple in it, bring to boil for at least 5 minutes. Thereafter, switch the heat off and let the nipple cool down. The nipple kan be washed by hand, or in the dishwasher's upper rack at max 55°C / 131°C. Read more about how to clean your baby bottles here.

Safe material

We do not compromise when choosing product materials. All nipples are made of high quality medical silicone.

Developed in Sweden

Herobility's products are developed in Sweden. They go through a long process from idea stage to ready products. All products are quality assured and follow European standard.

 nipple herobility

*based on customer survey 2017. 


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