Product Design

There isn’t a material or process in the world that could make us develop products that parents wouldn’t want to use. We have a long checklist to make sure that every product we launch are useful for families, and are easy to reuse and recycle. All of our products are:

Safe for your child Developed to support your child’s development Developed to make life easier for you as a parent

Care instructions

Our ambition is that you should get as much use and joy out of every product as possible before recycling it. That’s why a lot of our communication focuses on how to use your Herobility products in new and different ways, but also on how to take care of your products to make them last as long as possible.

Note: Some of our products have a recommended expiry date in order to comply with international safety standards for baby products. For example, pacifiers and rubber nipples have a recommended lifespan of two months from first use. Other products can be given to friends who are expecting, or saved if you’ve got another baby on the way some day.