Glass baby bottles – 5 benefits you should know about

A baby bottle made of glass has many benefits and tends to be a more eco-friendly alternative compared to other bottles. As a new parent it can be tricky making green choices when buying baby products, especially baby bottles, that many babies use daily during their first couple of years. Herobility's ECO Baby bottle is kind to both baby and planet, and therefore a perfect alternative for eco conscious parents who wish to make more green choices in their day to day lives. We have listed 5 reasons to why you should choose our ECO Baby bottle.

1. Gentle on your child

From a health point of view, a baby bottle made of glass is beneficial. Glass is a clean material that is free from toxins, endocrine disruptors and other harmful substances.

2. Eco-friendly material

Herobility's ECO Baby bottle is made of glass and bioplastic. The bioplastic is made of sugarcane waste, a material that is both durable and sustainable. The nipple is made of medical silicone.

3. Hygienic

Our ECO Baby bottle has a wide opening, which makes it very easy to clean. Another plus is that glass does not discolor as easily as plastic does, which makes the product feel new for longer, and the risk of harmful bacteria emerging reduces.

glass baby bottle

4. Durable and shock resistant

Herobility's ECO glass baby bottle has a protective silicone cover. The cover makes the bottle extra durable and shock resistant, and the risk of it cracking reduces, if you were to accidentally drop it on the floor.

5. Developed in Sweden

Our glass baby bottle is developed in Sweden, designed with a lot of reflection, and made of carefully chosen material - always with the baby and planet's best interest at heart.

 glass baby bottle

Unique nipple, loved by the pickiest babies

Our baby bottles have a unique nipple with a double anti-colic system that significantly reduces the risk of colics. Its ergonomic and breast-like shape makes for a natural grip and makes transitioning from breast to bottle easier, without confusing the baby. Our baby bottles have high acceptance and most babies latch on the first try.

Glass baby bottles in several colors and sizes

Hopefully, you feel a bit more aware of the benefits of choosing a glass bottle after reading this article. Discover our wide range of ECO Baby bottles today and find your favorite here.

More than just baby bottles

As part of our sustainability work, we have produced a collection of ECO products for babies and toddlers. We think it should be easy to make eco-friendly choices. Discover our entire ECO series here and make a greener choice today.


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