Pacifier newborn – everything you need to know

The use of pacifiers is a much debated topic and for new parents it can be difficult to know which way to go. In this article, we try to sort out the most important factors to help make your choice a little easier.

Babies' need of closeness and safety

The sucking reflex in babies is strong, especially among newborns. The need to suck is a sign that the baby wants closeness, safety and comfort. How much a baby wants to suck is very individual. Some babies are satisfied as soon as they've been fed, while others prefer to lay close to the breast most of the time. For a breastfeeding mother with sore breasts, or bottle-feeding parent for that matter, it can be demanding when your baby has a strong need to suck. In those cases, a pacifier is an excellent alternative to keep your baby happy, and to give yourself a well-deserved break.

pacifier newborn

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Benefits using pacifiers

  • Effective when baby is inconsolable.
  • Enables other family members to help comfort the baby.
  • Often easier to fall asleep when given the pacifier.
  • Easier to establish routines on when, and how often, baby is allowed to use pacifiers, compared to babies sucking on their thumb.
  • Some research has suggested that the risk of sudden infant death syndrome reduces when babies suck on pacifiers. However, the reason for this is not confirmed, but a possible explanation could be that the baby's airways stay open more effectively when sucking on a pacifier.

Disadvantages using pacifiers

  • Protracted weaning. It is easier to introduce pacifiers than quitting, many children use them for several years.
  • The child might need braces if they still use pacifiers when the permanent teeth have started to appear.
  • The use of pacifiers could affect the child's speech development negatively.

Consider this before you introduce pacifiers to your newborn

When your baby has arrived, it's very important to make sure they are able to suck and eat properly, and that their growth curve is going steadily upwards. It is therefore wise to wait a couple of weeks before you introduce the pacifier, to ensure that the feeding routines have been established. If you offer the pacifier too soon, there's a risk that your baby prefers it before breast or bottle.

3 tricks worth trying when introducing pacifiers

  1. When you notice that your baby is starting to get full, carefully pull away the breast, replace it with the pacifier, when the baby starts to suck, try to gently pull it out, this usually results in the baby sucking harder and thus getting more attached to it. You can carry out the same procedure if your baby is bottle-fed.
  2. Try making smacking sounds while you hold the pacifier to your baby's mouth.
  3. Gently massage your baby's cheek with your finger to try to trigger the sucking reflex.

When, and how often, should the baby use pacifiers?

It is beneficial to establish a routine on your baby's use of pacifiers. A baby that is happy and content does not need a pacifier, limit the use to your baby's nap/bedtime (if you judge it's needed) and when they're in need of comfort. You're not only doing yourself a favour, but your baby as well, by not allowing pacifiers at all times as this usually makes weaning easier.

pacifier newborn

5 reasons to choose a pacifier from Herobility

1. Soft and gentle
Our pacifiers have an ultra-thin and soft nipple that fits perfectly in the baby's mouth. The soft edges are gentle on your baby's skin.

2. Large air vents
The pacifier's large air vents contribute to extra comfort as well as preventing skin rashes.

3. Smart case
All Herobility's pacifiers come with a protective case, which results in better hygien. Thanks to the case, you are able to sterilize the pacifier directly in the microwave.

4. Kind to teeth and gum
The nipple is ultra-thin and does not get in the way of emerging teeth.

5. Safe and tested materials
Herobility's pacifier is free from BPA and other harmful substances. The nipple is made of medical silicone.


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