Baby bottle newborn – thoughts and advice

Finding the perfect baby bottle for your newborn can be challenging, especially as a new parent. What features distinguishes a good baby bottle? We have a wide range of baby bottles for newborns. Before we tell you more about that, we would like to share some thoughts, advice and tips about bottle-feeding your newborn baby.

Your decision should be respected

The reason for bottle-feeding instead of breastfeeding can be many. It can be both an active choice or involuntary. Some parents decide to share the responsibility and therefore choose to bottle-feed, for some, breastfeeding does not work, no matter the willpower and hard efforts, for others, breastfeeding might not be an option due to health reasons. Everyone's life situation is unique, the most important thing is that your decision is respected, and, that you and your baby's wellbeing comes first.

    Listen to your baby

    It can be quite overwhelming when it is time to buy the first baby bottle for your newborn. We recommend starting with a small baby bottle. There is no right or wrong when choosing a baby bottle, just listen to your baby, you will know when they have found their favorite.

    baby bottle newborn

    How to get started with bottle-feeding

    • Put a few drops of breast milk, or formula, at the tip of the nipple, so that your baby understands that there is food in the bottle.
    • Tickle your baby’s upper lip with the teat/nipple and wait for them to open their mouth before giving the bottle.
    • Wait till your baby is hungry.
    • Make sure you’re feeding your baby in a calm and quiet environment.
    • Try to feed your baby when they’ve just woken up, at that stage they’re not as susceptible to disturbances from their surroundings.

    3 possible reasons to why your baby doesn’t accept the bottle

    1. Wrong flow on the nipple. If your baby must make lots of effort to get food from the bottle, you probably need a nipple with richer flow. Does your baby cough or seem bothered when eating? Then you need a nipple with a slower flow. Find our wide range of nipples here.
    2. Bloated belly. Does your baby seem bothered by gas? Your baby could be swallowing air during feeding. A wider and breast-like nipple that closes the corners of the mouth reduces the risk of bloated belly and colics.
    3. Baby does not seem full. Is your baby dissatisfied after feeding? It might be time to change to a bigger baby bottle.

     baby bottle newborn

    The baby bottle that really works

    Our baby bottles have a unique nipple with a double anti-colic system that significantly reduces the risk of colics. Its ergonomic and breast-like shape makes for a natural grip and makes transitioning from breast to bottle easier, without confusing the baby. Our baby bottles have high acceptance and most babies latch on the first try.

    7 reasons to why you should choose Herobility's baby bottle

    1. Unique nipple with double anti-colic system
    Our ergonomic and breast-like nipple is unique on the market. It's soft hills close the corners of the baby's mouth and prevent them from swallowing air. The air valves prevent build-up of vacuum in the bottle, resulting in a gentle flow. The nipple has high acceptance and most babies latch on the first try.

    2. Easy to clean
    The wide opening makes for easy cleaning.

    3. Safe for your baby
    We don't compromise when choosing material. All Herobility's products are free from BPA and other harmful substances.

    4. Easy to fill
    The wide opening reduces risk of spilling, for example when measuring formula.

    5. Lump-free mix
    The smart mixer net makes for smooth and lump-free formula. All baby bottles have a leak-proof lid.

    6. Developed in Sweden 
    All our products are developed in Sweden by experienced product developers and designers. Our baby bottles are quality assured according to European standard.

    7. Something for everyone
    We offer a wide range of baby bottles in different sizes and designs.

    Find your favorite baby bottle here

    baby bottle newborn

    We recommend breast milk and breastfeeding, especially the first 6 months. If possible, it is beneficial to if you let the breast milk be a part of your baby’s diet for a year, or longer. Breast milk contains all the nutrients your child needs during the first 6 months, except vitamin D. Therefore, babies need vitamin D supplement from one week old, up to 2, or 5 years of age. Your local pediatric center will give you more information.

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