Eco Toddler Glass Mist Gray, 2-pack

Eco Toddler Glass Mist Gray, 2-pack

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♥ Plant-based material.
♥ Easy in your toddler’s hands.
♥ Stackable for easy storage.

Stackable and grip-friendly
You can stack your Eco Toddler Glasses for easy storage, which means they will take up less space in the kitchen cabinet. The drinking glass is easy to grip, even for your child’s small hands.

Made from plant based material 
Our Eco-line is made from sugarcane waste and are therefore a little kinder on the environment. The starch that is extracted from the sugarcane is transformed into bioplastic. As sugarcanes grow, carbon dioxide is absorbed from the atmosphere which results in reduced climate impact. The material can be recycled through industrial composting - ask your local recycling center.

Our Eco-products have been updated!
We have replaced the bioplastic made from corn starch to one that is made from sugarcane waste. Tests have shown that this have made our Eco-products more durable and just as environmentally friendly as before. 

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