User tips baby placemat

For the best possible grip and preventing the placemat from detaching.

NOTE! The Placemat sticks to the table through a vacuum that is created when used together with our plates or bowls. If air seeps in between the tablet and the table, the vacuum grip detaches. Therefore, it’s important that the table has a flat and smooth surface.

If you have a table with an uneven surface, we recommend Herobility’s Baby Placemat Grip.

NOTE! This placemat comes without magnets. If you wish to use the placemat together with your Bib Connect, you need to order Baby Placemat Connect.

Compatible high-chairs
The Baby Placemat has been designed to fit the most popular high-chairs. If you can’t find your high-chair in the chart below, measure it to find out if they are compatible. Placemat dimensions: 37.8 cm x 18.8 cm.

NOTE! If the surface on your baby’s high-chair tray is uneven, we recommend Herobility’s that you also order a Baby Placemat Grip.