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Storage Pink/White

100 ml / 3.5 floz, 2-pack

USD 6.99

Wherever you go – bring goodies
No more need for disposable zip-lock bags or big and bulky packaging when on the go. With the storage compartments from Herobility, you get 100 ml/3.5 floz of leak-proof, freezer and microwave safe cans that you can bring anywhere. They’re stackable. You can create an easy-to-carry-stack of Storage by locking several together. Attach one to the bottom of Herobility’s Baby Bottle, Sippy Cup, and Sport Bottle for a convenient storage solution. Use them for breast milk, formula powder, snacks, or whatever fits your need.

Cute and smart BPA free storage

Bring everything you need in these smart storage containers. Can be used in the microwave or refrigerator!

Easy to assemble

Compatible with Sippy, Baby Bottle and Sport Bottle. Stackable for easy and portable storage.


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