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HeroTeat Medium

2-pack, 2+ month

USD 7.99

Breast shaped design with double anti colic system

Based on studies of babies’ feeding habits, HeroTeat’s unique design makes feeding easier and safer. The comfortable breast-like shape of the nipple closes the corners of the baby’s mouth, forming a tight seal. Combined with the traditional air valve, the HeroTeat has a double anti-colic system that is the best choice for your child.

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Double Anti-Colic System

 The unique curved design closes the corners of your baby’s mouth, reducing the risk of drooling, and completely blocks air from entering the mouth.

The air valve prevents vacuum

The valve on the bottom prevents a vacuum from forming in the bottle, creates an even flow, and stops the baby from swallowing excess air.

Which nipple should I get?

HeroTeat comes in five sizes. Read the table below to see which one is right for your baby.

  • XS
    0+ months Suitable for breast milk and and formula. Has a shorter nipple for small mouths
  • S
    0+ months Suitable for breast milk and and formula
  • M
    2+ months Suitable for breast milk and and formula
  • L
    4+ months Suitable for any type of liquid
  • XL
    6+ months Suitable for thick liquids

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Broadies  –  @Broadies Byas

    This product is the best! A must have

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