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Eco Feeding Spoon Blue

4+ month

USD 4.99 USD 9.99

Perfectly balanced in your hand
The Eco Feeding Spoon from Herobility is a must-have for you as a parent, thanks to the unique design. The shape of the spoon is perfect for scooping out food in different directions. The long handle and the subtle hook at the end of the spoon give you perfect balance. The slim tip fits your baby’s mouth. The plant-based material makes our feeding spoon the safest option for your child and the environment.

Care instructions: Do not boil, or in other way expose the product to temperatures above 90°C/194°F, since materials may become misshaped or deformed. Dishwasher safe in the top rack at maximum 60°C. Note that there may be small variations in the color of your product. A soft marbling effect is normal and does not affect the function or hygiene of the product.


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