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Eco Baby Bottle Turquoise

220 ml / 7.5 floz, 2+ month

USD 15.39 USD 21.99

Our most beloved baby bottle, in eco-friendly materials
The Eco Baby Bottle from Herobility is the first eco-friendly baby bottle made with glass and plant-based material. It has the same beloved teat as the Baby Bottle from Herobility. Consumer testing shows that 97% of babies accept the baby bottle nipple, making the transition from breast to bottle easier. The unique, breast-like shape of the teat feels natural for the baby and encourages a wide-open latch. The glass bottle comes with a protective silicone sleeve, designed to give you a steady grip. The collar and mixer lid are made from corn, creating a baby bottle that’s completely free from traditional PP-plastic. It’s safe for your child and kinder to the planet.

Your Eco Baby Bottle 220 ml includes an Anti-Colic Teat size M. We’ve put together a short video with instructions before first use for optimal function of the air valves.

(7 customer reviews)
Double Anti-Colic System with the included Anti-Colic Teat

Our Anti-Colic Teat is made in top-quality medical grade silicone and designed with a double anti-colic system. The soft bumps of the teat close the corners of the mouth, reducing the risk of your baby swallowing air or drooling. The air valve prevents the creation of a vacuum inside the bottle and produces an even flow to make the feeding easier for your baby. Less air in your baby’s tummy means you’ll get a happier baby.

Impact resistant glass, with extra protective silicone

The bottle is made from extra durable, high-quality borosilicate glass. A material that’s often used in lab environments, thanks to its heat and impact resistant qualities. The silicone sleeve protects the glass and provides a steady grip to both big and small hands. Microwave and dishwasher safe, even with the silicone sleeve on.

No more mess in the nipple when mixing

The swirl lid fits directly on the bottle and makes mixing easy without using the nipple. Thanks to the small pegs on the inside of the lid, the mixing is extra effective. The wide opening makes it easy to fill and clean the bottle. Thanks to the screw-on-lid, the teat stays protected from dirt and dust, even when you store your Eco Baby Bottle in a full bag.

Which nipple should I get?

HeroTeat comes in five sizes. Read the table below to see which one is right for your baby.

  • XS
    0+ months Suitable for breast milk and and formula. Has a shorter nipple for small mouths
  • S
    0+ months Suitable for breast milk and and formula
  • M
    2+ months Suitable for breast milk and and formula
  • L
    4+ months Suitable for any type of liquid
  • XL
    6+ months Suitable for thick liquids

7 reviews for Eco Baby Bottle Turquoise

  1. Amanda  – 

    Great bottle for the price. Doesn’t leak like other glass bottles we’ve tried.

  2. Leslie  –  @@leslie_girlgang

    I use only this brand – in love

  3. Sara Nunes  – 

    Love the fact they are from glass, my baby loves it!

  4. Sara Nunes  – 

    Love the fact they are from glass, my baby loves it!

  5. Sara Nunes  – 

    Love the fact they are from glass, my baby loves it!

  6. Ilene Martinez  – 

    Like the bottle shape and size. Silicon sleeve not easy to slide on and off. Water collects in little fox faces and drips on baby while nursing. Have to make sure water isnt hot from warming bottle. A solid design would be preferable

  7. Lauren  –  @actionfirstalvarez

    The nipple on this bottle is unlike any other that I’ve seen before! It’s more flat and allows for the baby to latch very easily while the sides press mold around the baby’s mouth to allow for a good suction . Would recommend!

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