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Bib Connect Mist Gray

6+ month

USD 17.99 USD 24.99

The end of rough spaghetti stains
There’s more than meets the eye with the revolutionary Bib Connect from Herobility. Simply attach it to our Baby Placemat, using the magnets, and save your little one’s outfit during meal times. This includes your baby’s lap which standard bibs fail to cover. Even when used on its own, the bib creates better protection. Thanks to it being both longer and wider than most other bibs on the market. The soft fabric lets your baby eat without distractions. Bib Connect has a wide-open kangaroo pocket with no bottom seams that catches just about everything. Easy to rinse and clean.

Could be used with or without the Herobility Baby Placemat.

Care instructions: Washing machine safe at 40°C. Easy to rinse or hand wash with soft dish soap. Let hang to dry. Don’t put Bib Connect in the microwave due to products containing magnets.

Bib Connect + Baby Placemat

Thanks to magnets you can attach your Bib Connect to a Baby Placemat. This prevents food from falling into the lap.

Extra wide protection

Protection that is hard to work around. Your child will have to try hard to make a mess on their chest or lap.


Seamless kangaroo pocket

Catches just about everything. Without seams at the bottom of the kangaroo pocket, it’s easier to clean.

Washing machine safe

Easy to clean. Just wipe it with a damp cloth, rinse it off or put it in the washing machine at 40°C.




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