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Anti-Colic Teat Small

2-pack, 0+ month

USD 7.99

Patent-pending and loved by babies
Based on studies of babies’ feeding habits, our Anti-Colic Teat makes feeding easier and safer. The unique, breast-like shape feels natural for the baby and encourages a wide-open latch. Our Baby Bottles are highly recommended among parents, especially when they’re struggling with the transition from breast to bottle or looking for a way to reduce gas and discomfort. Consumer testing shows that 97% of babies accept the baby bottle nipple. The soft bumps fit the corners of your baby’s mouth to reduce drooling and prevent air from being swallowed. Combined with traditional air valves, the Anti-Colic Teat from Herobility has an innovative, patent-pending double anti-colic system.

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Double Anti-Colic System

Our Anti-Colic Teat is made in top-quality medical grade silicone and designed with a double anti-colic system. The soft bumps of the teat close the corners of the mouth, reducing the risk of your baby swallowing air or drooling. The air valve prevents creation of a vacuum inside the bottle and produces an even flow to make the feeding easier for your baby. Less air in your baby’s tummy means you’ll get a happier baby.

Which Teat is the right one?

Our Anti-Colic Teat comes in five sizes. There’re some common signs that your baby might require a faster flow: Baby dozes off during feeding, sucks harder and faster on the nipple than before, stops and cries, or drinks less than previously. If your baby is choking or struggling with the bottle, the flow might be too fast. Note that it sometimes takes your baby a week or so to get used to a faster flow.

  • XS
    0+ months – Slow flow, short nipple Suitable for breast milk & formula.
  • S
    0+ months – Slow flow, regular nipple Suitable for breast milk & formula.
  • M
    2+ months – Medium flow, regular nipple Suitable for breast milk & formula.
  • L
    4+ months – Fast flow, regular nipple Suitable for all kinds of liquids.
  • XL
    6+ months – Extra fast flow, self-regulating, regular nipple Suitable for thicker fluids.

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  1. Broadies  –  @Broadies Byas

    This product is the best! A must have

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