Double Anti-Colic Baby Bottle LT 140 ml Turquoise

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♥ Breast-like shaped nipple.
♥ Accepted by 97% of babies 
♥ Unique double Anti-Colic System
♥ Lump-free mixing 
♥ Size S nipple included 

Herobility Baby Bottle LT 140 ml is based on our classic baby bottle, the difference being that there is no formula container or mixer net included.

Herobility's award-winning baby bottle with a double Anti-Colic System makes for easy and safe feeding times, usually on the first try. Wide opening, easy cleaning, dishwasher and microwave safe. Of course, it has zero BPA or other toxic materials. Designed in Sweden. 

It can be hard to find a bottle that your baby will accept. Our nipple has a unique breast-like shape, accepted by 97% of babies.

The nipple closes the corners of your baby’s mouth, preventing them from swallowing air, and the valve ensures there’s no vacuum in the bottle.

With traditional baby bottles, it’s not uncommon for the nipple to get stopped up from lumps in the formula. In our bottle, the mixer lid and net breaks the lumps.

This bottle comes with an included nipple in size S. The nipples are also sold as accessories and coems in 5 sizes, from XS to XL. XS is a little smaller and better for very young babies. The sizes from S to XL are the same size, but have different flow rates.


All of Herobility's products are designed in Sweden, designed by parents and approved by babies.

We spend a lot of time choosing safe materials that reduce our environmental impact. All of Herobility's products contain zero from BPA, BPS and other toxic materials. 

This product is made from PP and silicone. Read our sustainability page for more information.

The ergonomic shake of the rubber nipple closes the corners of your baby's mouth and prevents them from swallowing air.

The air valve ensures that a vacuum is not formed in the bottle.

Before using the baby bottle
Please note, our baby bottles have an air valve on the inside of the rubber nipple to prevent a vacuum from forming inside. Ensure that the valve is open by gently pulling on it.

Please note that our rubber nipples comes in two varieties, one with one valve and another with two. Both of these varieties function the same with our unique double anti-colic system.

The short video below shows how to prepare a size XL rubber nipple with two valves. The procedure is much the same for a nipple with one valve. Don't forget to wash your hands before handling the nipple! 

How do I wash and sterilize the baby bottle?
Usually, simply washing the product by hand or in a dishwasher is sufficient (top rack, maximum temperature of 55C/131F) If you still want to sterilize the bottle, the easiest way to do it is by boiling plenty of water in a pot. Turn off the heat, disassemble the bottle, and place the parts in the hot water for 30 seconds. Pour out the water and let the parts cool. We don't recommend boiling your products very often or for an excessive period of time, since it puts extra wear and tear on the bottle and may affect its function.

My baby doesn't usually like to use a bottle, how do I know Herobility's baby bottle will work?
Our unique nipple design is specially designed to emulate a mother's breast. When breastfeeding, it's a common technique to squeeze the breast a little flat with one hand (we like to call it the hamburger grip). The baby gets a better latch and has an easier time feeding. Our design is meant to resemble this technique. We've gotten feedback from thousands of customers, saying that their baby has had an easier time transitioning to bottle feeding with Herobility's baby bottle thanks to the unique design of the rubber nipple.

The rubber nipple is pulled into my bottle when my baby is drinking. What's happening?
The valve on the rubber nipple has been clogged or stuck in the closed position, and a vacuum has formed inside the bottle. This is easily solved or prevented by following the advice listed under Before using the baby bottle

What is included when buying a Herobility Baby Bottle?
Each Baby Bottle LT comes with a rubber nipple, a bottle, and a lid. You can buy extra nipples in five different sizes, sold in 2-packs here on the Herobility website. All nipples are compatible with all baby bottles.

This Baby Bottle comes with a size S rubber nipple.

When choosing a baby bottle, we recommend picking a bottle that matches how much your baby will drink. Then, its important to pick an appropriately sized nipple, which regulates the flow of the bottle. Herobility's nipples comes in five different sizes.The following table is a general recommendation.

Your baby may need a faster flow if they fall asleep during feeding, suck harder and faster than before, suddenly stop feeding or even cry during feeding. However if the flow is too fast, they may even choke on their food. Remember that it may take up to a week to get a baby used to a faster flowing bottle.

The European standard for baby bottles recommends switching out the nipple every other month, and pulling on it before use to ensure it isn't damaged. This is to ensure hygiene and safety.

XS 0+ months – Slow flow, extra short teat. Suitable for breast milk or formula.
S 0+ months – Slow flow, normal length nipple. Suitable for breast milk and formula.
M 2+ months – Medium flow, normal length nipple.  Suitable for breast milk and formula.
L 4+ months – Fast flow, normal length nipple. Suitable for every kind of liquid.
XL 6+ månader – Self regulating flow based on hard the baby sucks. Extra fast flow, normal length nipple. Suitable for thick liquids.

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