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Mealtime Medium Package

Choose your favorite colors, 6+ month

82.36 EUR 117.66 EUR

The essentials for your dinner table, plus a little extra! Get some backup from the Baby Placemat Grip and an extra 3-pack of Eco Feeding Spoon, and you’re ready for anything.

Eco Placemat Feeding set
Includes: Baby Placemat, plate with lid, feeding spoon and bib. Choose color.
Sippy Cup
Choose color
Extra bib
Choose color
Baby Placemat Grip
Creating a smooth surface on high chairs and tables
Choose any plate or bowl
Eco Baby Plate, Eco Baby Plate Divider or Eco Baby Bowl
Eco Feeding Spoon 3 pack
Choose color
Storage 100 ml / 3.5 floz
Choose color

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