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Hi! ❤ We are so happy that you are interested in knowing more about the collaboration!

The collaboration is on a barter basis were you’ll receive free products in exchange for 2 posts and stories on your Instagram account. You are free to create your images in any way you like, to maintain your own personal style in your feed. 

Here is why we think you should work with us: 

Products: At the start of the collaboration you’ll receive a giftcard, that you will use on our webshop to order 3 free products of your own choice that you want to test and promote.

Re-posts: The pictures that you upload on your Instagram with the mentioned tags will have the possibility to be reposted on our official Instagram account @herobility.  This will help your account to grow!

Personal discount: You’ll receive a 50% personal discount which you can use on our webshop 10 times. Perfect for when you need a few extra products.

Discount code for your followers: You’ll receive a unique discount code, which gives your followers 20 % discount when they pick at least 3 products. You can promote this discount code in your Instagram posts.

Giveaways: On selected occasions, it will be possible to hold your own giveaway contest on your account. More information will be provided to you about this in that case.

Please read the terms in the show more section below:

Does this sound interesting? Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible (Important that you use the same email address that you received this email from, otherwise it will not work)! ❤