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Pacifier Army Green/Black

2-pack, 6+ month

5.59 EUR 7.99 EUR

Comforting design for both babies and parents
The Pacifier from Herobility is easy to love for both babies and their parents. The oval shape of the tip fits perfectly in your baby’s oval mouth. The Pacifier’s ultrathin design is developed to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth. Making it extra safe for your baby’s teeth and gums. The ergonomic shield has a unique, soft edge that is gentle on sensitive skin. The included protective cover keeps it hygienic while stored in a pocket or bag. It also works for sterilization on the go – all you need is some water and a microwave oven.

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Ultrathin and soft

The Herobility Pacifier is designed in accordance with orthodontic guidelines to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth. Making it extra safe for your baby’s teeth and gums, thanks to the soft medical grade silicone and the nipple’s ultrathin attachment to the shield.

Gentle shield with air vents

Kind to your baby’s sensitive skin thanks to the unique and gentle shield. The large air vents keep your baby’s skin dry, to prevent irritation and redness. The edge is made in an exclusive soft material, for the best comfort and fit.

Symmetrical design

Our Pacifiers doesn’t have an up or down, it works either way. The symmetrical design is also optimal for correct jaw development. Making it a safe and easy pick for your baby.

Sterilizing cover that keeps it clean

The protective cover, included with your Pacifier, keeps it clean from dirt or dust when kept in a pocket or bag. The cover can also be filled with water to sterilize the pacifier in the microwave.

2 reviews for Pacifier Army Green/Black

  1. HLP  – 

    These are amazing and come with an individual case – genius!! Must buy. These are comparable to the mam pacifiers. High quality.

  2. Ronald Wyllins  –  @@sommerrains

    Pacifiers were a huge hit too with my granddaughter, me, and her mommy and daddy!

  3. Karleigh Guritz  –  @@kkarleigh

    Hands down my (my baby’s) favorite paci’s AND bottles! We are so thankful we found a brand we love, know and trust!

  4. Macarena  – 

    Baby doesnt like them. I like the idea of the cover.

  5. Maya Campara  – 

    Still waiting to grow up and use the larger version – but the little one will only take the Herobility paci at this time. So we made sure to have the larger version on hand when the time comes.

  6. Maya Campara  – 

    After trying three different brands, my little one loved this Herobility paci.

  7. Elin Osterberg  –  @@elinosterberg77

    OMG I’m so glad I bought these. They really glow so well in the dark! I “charged” the dummy for maybe 30 seconds with the flashlight on my phone and now 4h later it still glows. Perfect since we always seem to loose the dummy during the night 🙈😜 Love these !

  8. Kathryn Petrick  – 

    Wish the nob to grab pacifier was a little longer. It it really small an ( a bit) hard to grab. Malina hasn’t grasped the use of a pacifier yet. She keeps pushing out of her mouth with her tough. But it is so far the closest pacifier to her learning how to grasped it. I think it’s probably better than other pacifiers that I have tried because the silicone pacifier nipple has a tiny amount of rugged silicone layer on the top and bottom of the silicone nipple part of the pacifier. Which seemed to give and extra seconds for her to learn how to use it.

  9. Vanessa Oandasan  –  @@vanessaoandasan

    This pacifiers are awesome! They’re soft so doesn’t feel uncomfortable for my baby. Totally recommend it

  10. Pernilla Löfs-Grankulla  –  @@permillans

    Bästa napparna. Snygga och hållbara

  11. Barbara  – 

    These glow great, easy to find at night!

  12. Barbara  – 

    Baby loves them!

  13. Aleks  –  @oliverandmama

    Love these pacifiers! I have the herobility bottles and matching pacifiers. Such a cute matching set!

  14. Carina  –  @_cari_na_h

    Wir lieben diese Schnuller und sind total begeistert. Wir sind jetzt auch von der Schnuller komplett umgestiegen auf Herobility. Den seitdem wir diese probiert haben, akzeptiert unser Sohn nur noch diese. Was richtig klasse ist, ist die mitgelieferte Hülle, so kann man die Schnuller innerhalb von 3 Minuten in der Mikrowelle sterilisieren. Auch die Farben sind richtig toll. Wir können diese somit zu 100% weiterempfehlen!!

  15. Carina  –  @_cari_na_h

    Wir lieben diese Schnuller und sind auf diese jetzt auch komplett umgestiegen. Da unser Sohn nur noch diese Akzeptiert, seitdem wir sie probiert haben. Überhaupt die Leucht Schnuller sind richtig klasse, da sie wirklich sehr gut leuchten und somit am Abend schneller zum Finden sind.

  16. Nadine  –  @Mama.von.leo

    Wir LIEBEN diese Schnuller. Mal was anderes und ich werde sehr häufig darauf angesprochen. Mein Sohn hat sie sofort akzeptiert, davor ging nur MAM. Die Sauger sind super flexibel und praktisch ist auch die mitgelieferte Hülle in der man die Schnuller sterilisieren kann. Absolut empfehlenswert. Tolle Farben!

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