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Uncategorized | 14 February 2019

Oh, Valentine’s day. This magic day of romance and grand gestures that fills our world with red roses and cut-out-hearts. Or, if you’ll let it, a day filled with love and compassion. A day to celebrate the family you have. No matter if you’re a single parent, if you’re married, or have some sort of blended family. Raising children is both demanding and unbelievably giving.

We believe the best way to show compassion is to really see your loved one’s needs, and then do something to support them. A loving family is a good team where all members try to help each other out to the best of their ability.

That’s why we teamed up with vlogger Lii Borossy’s husband, César. To prepare a surprise that will help this loving wife and mother in her day to day struggles. See the whole story below.

It could be to give someone time on their own to recharge. A loving note or perhaps a small gift to help with the everyday struggles. Those thoughtful gestures that prove that you pay attention and care for each other could make all the difference in the world. And sure it could be a box of chocolate and roses. But it could just as well be to unload the dishwasher every morning or giving a pair of woolen socks to care for their cold feet.

So take time this Valentine’s, and as often as you get the chance, to care for your loved ones in a way that nobody else could.

Lots of love
From us at Herobility
A big thanks to Lii Borossy and her family!

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