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HeroTermos White

300 ml / 10 floz, 0+ month


Keep the temperatures of your beverages, no matter what adventure awaits. HeroTermos complements Herobility’s entire range and is perfect at home or on the go. It has two flow options and a leak-proof screw-on lid. The sturdy design in cute colors makes it a good-looking accessory to your baby bottles.

Keeps drinks hot for up to 10 hours.

HeroTermos has two flow options, and you can even drink straight out of the bottle. HeroTermos will maintain the temperature of your drink no matter what’s inside.

Protective, leak-proof lid

The leak-proof lid has smooth threads, that make it easy to open or close.

HeroTermos’ main body is made from high quality stainless steel. Strainer and lid made from PP plastic. BPA free.


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