HeroStorage Turquoise & Blue, 3.5 oz, 2-pack


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HeroStorage makes it easy to bring formula, baby food or snacks, no matter where you are.
The leak proof container safely stores formula, breast milk, snacks, baby food and more. It’s also microwave and freezer safe. Each container holds 100 ml, or one large portion of formula. Bring more than one by attaching them to each other, and to the bottom of a HeroBottle or HeroSippy. The wide opening makes it easy to fill, and clean out. Each container has a separate lid.

Compatible with HeroSippy and HeroBottle.
HeroStorage is easily screwed onto the bottom of HeroSippy and HeroBottle.

Drain lines.

Drain lines for dishwasher water.
HeroStorage has drain lines, letting water run off in the dishwasher. This makes sure your HeroStorage is always clean and fresh!

Mix and match!
Create your own color combination by combining parts from differently colored HeroStorage containers.

HeroStorage is safe to put in the freezer, dishwasher, microwave, and boiling water.

Materials:  PP plastic (polypropylene)
All of our products are completely free from BPA and Phthalates.

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