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HeroPlacemat Grip


Smoother surface for a stronger vacuum

Gives extra grip to HeroPlacemat and makes it compatible with textured high chair trays and tables. Creates a smooth and even surface to maximize the vacuum grip of HeroPlacemat. Perfectly shaped to fit with HeroPlacemat it sticks to the surface and stays put. Clean it with a damp cloth and wipe it dry with a towel.

HeroPlacemat Grip is made for plastic and other solid surfaces and might leave a mark on wooden, painted or other surfaces.

Extra grip on textured surfaces

Some high chair trays and tables have a textured surface that lets air slip in under the HeroPlacemat. By creating a smooth and even surface the vacuum grip is maximized.

Fun design with our beloved mascots

Children love our cute mascots. With HeroPlacemat Grip the dining table gets a fun detail. It’s perfectly shaped to fit the HeroPlacemat.


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Instructions: 1. Clean the surface with water and soft dish soap and let it dry completely.
2. Remove the white grid paper from the back of HeroPlacemat Grip.
3. Place it on the table or high chair tray.
4. Remove all air bubbles and make sure it lays completely flat by stroking across the surface, from the middle out using a soft squeegee or your hand.
5. Place the HeroPlacemat within the outlines and press down your HeroEcoPlate or HeroEcoBowl to create the vacuum.
To remove: 1. Use a hairdryer on a low temperature to soften the glue.
2. Pull HeroPlacemat Grip in a horizontal motion, parallel to the surface.