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HeroEcoCup Mist Gray

210 ml / 7 floz, 6+ month


Three- in-one function

No matter what the kids needs are or what they require, HeroEcoCup will deliver. Your kid can use it as a sippy cup with the lid on or take the lid off and make it a glass with handles. You can also add a straw which makes drinking even more fun and easy! HeroEcoCup is as unique as your child.

Do not boil this product due to materials becoming misshaped or deformed. We recommend hand washing this product.

Note: There may be small variations in the color of your product. A soft marbling effect is normal and does not affect the function or hygiene of the product.

Detachable lid and smart strap

Small details make this HeroEcoCup useful in several different ways. Free of course!

Grip friendly for small hands

Ergonomically designed for small hands, HeroEcoCup makes it easy to use.

Made in plant-based material

Safe for your child, friendly to nature with an unbeatable design


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