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HeroEcoBottle Forest Green

320 ml / 11 floz, 4+ month


Baby Product of the Year 2018

The world’s first eco-friendly baby bottle made with glass and plant-based material, creating a new category of environmentally conscious baby products. HeroEcoBottle comes with a silicone sleeve that protects the bottle from breaking and gives the baby a steady grip. Just like all of Herobility’s bottles, it’s perfectly safe for your baby while giving you a better feeding experience. For every bottle we sell we plant a tree to reduce our CO2 footprint.

This HeroEcoBottle comes with a size L HeroTeat included, but if you want to buy an extra 2-pack of nipples, follow the table below.

Double Anti-Colic System

Soft bumps that closes the corners of your baby’s mouth and our air valve both prevent air from entering the tummy. Air valve produces an even flow and prevents creation of vacuum in the bottle.

Impact resistant glass, with extra protective silicone

The silicone sleeve protects the glass and provides a steady grip to both big and small hands.

No more mess in the nipple when mixing

The swirl lid fits directly on the bottle and makes mixing easy without using the nipple. Extra wide opening makes it easy to fill and clean.

Which nipple should I get?

HeroTeat comes in five sizes. Read the table below to see which one is right for your baby.

  • XS
    0+ months Suitable for breast milk and and formula. Has a shorter nipple for small mouths
  • S
    0+ months Suitable for breast milk and and formula
  • M
    2+ months Suitable for breast milk and and formula
  • L
    4+ months Suitable for any type of liquid
  • XL
    6+ months Suitable for thick liquids


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