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HeroBottle has a soft ergonomic nipple with a breastlike shape, accepted by 97% of babies. The unique patent pending design makes the transition from breast feeding to bottle feeding easier, and reduces colic and spill. Developed by parents, approved by babies!

All our products are free from BPA and phthalates.

Double Anti Colic System

Traditional Anti Colic Systems are all based on the same principle, developed by Joseph W Less in 1946. It’s based on a ventilation hole preventing a vacuum, creating an even flow and preventing the baby from swallowing air. After 70 years, the next generation of teats is here, patent pending and developed by Herobility!
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The unique curved design closes the corners of your baby’s mouth, reducing the risk of drooling, and completely blocks air from entering the mouth. The classic valve gives an even flow of the milk or formula, and prevents a vacuum from forming in the bottle.

  • Ergonomic Design
    The oval nipple is shaped after the baby’s mouth.
  • HeroTeat (Size M included) comes in five sizes to accommodate your baby’s needs. Recommended sizes are further down this page.

Breast Shaped Nipple

The nipple fits the baby’s mouth perfectly, gives a natural latch and makes it easier to transition from breast feeding to bottle feeding.
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HeroTeat, the unique patent-pending nipple, is specially designed to fit your baby’s mouth, and gives a secure grip. In a survey of our customers, 97% said their baby accepted HeroBottle!

Easier Mixing

The traditional way of mixing formula is done by covering the opening of the nipple and shaking the bottle. This often results in spills, messes, and lumps in the nipple. Sometimes it causes a complete stoppage, making the baby swallow air. HeroBottle is different!
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The unique Mixer Lid from Herobility makes mixing easier by transforming your baby bottle into a shaker. In coordination with the Mixer Net the Mixer Lid revolutionizes mixing formula, with no lumps and no mess. The Mixer Lid also protects the teat when transporting the bottle.

HeroStorage makes it easier to bring formula, food, or snacks on your day out.
The leak proof container safely stores formula, breastmilk, snacks, baby food, and more. The container is also microwave and freezer proof. Each container holds 100 ml, or one large portion of formula. Bring more than one by attaching them to each other, and to the bottom of a HeroBottle or HeroSippy.

Ergonomic grip.
Thanks to the two ergonomic gripping surfaces, the bottle is easy and comfortable to hold, both for big or little hands.

Drain lines for dishwasher water.
 has drain lines, letting water run-off in the dishwasher. This makes sure your HeroBottle is always clean and fresh!


Which nipple should I get?

Your HeroBottle will come with a HeroTeat in size M, but if you want to get an extra 2-pack of nipples, see the chart below for our size recommendations.
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0+ months – Slow flow, with a shorter nipple
Suitable for breast milk and formula. A shorter nipple for particularly small mouths.


0+ months – Slow flow
Suitable for breast milk and formula.


2+ months – Medium flow
Suitable for breast milk and formula.
L4+ months – Fast flow
Suitable for all types of liquid
XL6+ months – Extra fast flow
Suitable for thick fluids

Our Sustainability Promise

For every bottle we sell, we try to make the world a better place.
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Swedish design and quality
Material: PP and silicone. Free from BPA, BPS, BPF, DEHP and phthalates. Safe for use in dishwasher, freezer and microwave. All of Herobility’s products are tested to a strict Swedish standard.

Reuse, recycle
Instead of throwing away your bottle, you can upgrade it with lids or parts from other products in the Herobility ecosystem, saving money and waste.
All of our plastic is recycleable.

Giving back to nature and society
For every baby bottle we sell, we plant a tree in Sub-Saharan Africa through Trees For the Future. We also donate 5 Swedish Kronor to the World Childhood Foundation, founded by H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden.

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  • Erika Arriaga - 8 February, 20185@erriaga
    I absolutely love these bottles. I tried the pacifiers first and ended up ordering 10 in total! Now my daughter and I are hooked on these bottles. My daughter, because she drinks her milk faster and doesn't spit up her milk and I because of the sheek look! We couldn't be happier!
  • Tiarna - 6 February, 20185@misstiarna
    Love these bottles. They dont leak and bub can drink from them easily
  • Lauren Doyle - 25 January, 20185@lauren.doyleee
    I absolutely love this bottle. My son won't use anything else now! Other bottles would give him gas and he started to refuse them because they would put him in pain. It took us a couple of tries to get him to accept this bottle but, now he loves it. Plus, the attached compartment is absolutely genius! Seriously, the best idea. Thank you for such an amazing product. I can't wait to try more!

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