Exchange of lids for HeroTermos

Due to quality issues in a small number of lids we recommend all customers to exchange their lids, free of charge.

We at Herobility have high quality demands when it comes to our products. This is to make sure that you as a parent can feel secure, knowing that you’ve chosen the best for your child. We have discovered that a small number of lids are lacking in quality. This might lead to leakage or, potentially, that the lid can come off.


We would like all of our customers to send in their HeroTermos lids in exchange for a new, improved lid. This includes all HeroTermos sold until January 2019, or later if it was sold without a sticker on the lid (see image). The exchange is free of charge, shipping included.


If you own several HeroTermos we ask you to fill out the form with the information from your last purchase. Please write the amount you own of each color in the field Additional information at the bottom om the form.