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5 minutes review

You show the products that you’ve received in a more or less thorough review. At the same time, your followers receive a unique discount code, your follower discount, that we use in the evaluation on further collaborations. If we see that your YouTube-channel has bigger potential we will contact you with an even better offer than presented.

Criteria: At least 300 subscribers.

Products for marketing: HeroEcoFeeding Starter Pack (value 499 SEK = approx. €48/$55) or 3 different products (value 499 SEK = approx. €48/$55) + one extra product of choice (value 250 SEK = approx. €24/$27).


  • You publish a video review that is at least 5 minutes long, showing the Herobility products that you’ve ordered.
  • ’Herobility’ and the names of the products has to be displayed in the YouTube Info Box. We might get back to you to correct product names or links.
  • Link to has to be displayed in the YouTube Info Box.
  • Your unique followers discount has to be displayed in the YouTube Info Box.
  • Herobility and the correct names of the products has to be mentioned in the video.
  • Your unique followers discount has to be marketed in the video through mentioning or adding a text caption on top of the video.

Feeling eager to start filming? Please fill out the application and motivate why you would make a good Herobility-influencer, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



What do I need to do to have the chance of becoming a Herobility influencer?
Answer: Read through our different offers, if you feel that one of them will fit you then go ahead and fill out the application. The submitted information will be stored in our database where we also have an evaluation system. Remember that we’ll always get back to you with more details as soon as we possibly can.

I have an Instagram account but want to market the HeroEcoFeeding Starter pack. How should I act?
Answer: The bitter truth is that we don’t have a big enough budget to send out HeroEcoFeeding Starter pack to everyone that wants one. At the same time, Instagram doesn’t really offer a format that allows you to show all of the smart functions of the Starter pack. We do hope that you can still find products that you would like to market on your Instagram account.

I would like to test your HeroTermos, why isn’t it included?
Answer: Our insulated bottle is one of our most popular products, that’s why we rather highlight other products that require marketing to reach out to parents with our whole range of unique and awesome products!

If I’m accepted as a Herobility influencer, what will happen after I’ve published in accordance with one of the collaboration offers?
Answer: We will evaluate our collaboration over time. The most important part is that you have published content in accordance to what we agreed upon. On top of that, we evaluate the quality of the material and the usage of your followers discount. If we see that there is room for a deeper level of collaboration we will reach out with a new offer. Int hat case you will be assigned a contact person from our influencer team that you will stay in touch with.

How do I know what to review about a product?
Answer: To help you out we’ve put together some information material for information about the products you’ve ordered. There you’ll find a more thorough description of the unique functions and features of the different products.

If I have applied before and hasn’t been accepted, could I apply again?
Answer: Yes, definitely! Read through our criteria and send another application when you see that they apply to you. Note that we, without warning, might change our different offers for influencer collaborations in the future. Check back with us regularly to see any updates.