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Sweden is an amazing country, and we’re proud to share its values of quality, entrepreneurship, equality, parenthood, design, and so much more.

Herobility AB is a Swedish company, making innovative products that make life easier for babies and parents alike. Herobility means something along the lines of ”being a hero”, a reference to parents and babies both being real heroes. That’s why the logo is a hero mask!
Herobility AB is a partner of SmartShake AB, which has been revolutionizing the fitness industry in 90 countries since 2009 with their smart neon shakers and water bottles.
SmartShake AB has been named one of Sweden’s fastest growing companies and export company of the year by Swedish magazine Dagens Industri.


Heroes help Herobility do good! We all share the same values, and we want our business to give something back. That’s why we donate 5 SEK for every HeroBottle sold, to the World Childhood Foundation, a non-profit founded by HRH Queen Silvia of Sweden to help children in developing countries. For every HeroBottle sold, we also plant a tree, through a charity called Trees For The Future.

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