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Herobility is an award-winning company operating around the globe within the baby- and children industry. We mainly focus on two objectives. One is to create high-quality products, packed with smart features and design, that are easy to use and safe for your child. The other is to do our very best to develop products, using new materials and smart technology, that are kinder to our planet.

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Our Herobility Family spreads the word about Herobolity’s products. Many customers are pleased with our products, and we see and hear parents all over the world recommending our products to other parents. Every product has a unique design and is thoroughly tested to be as good as possible for your child. As an example, our tests show that 97% of babies love our Anti-Colic Teat, the nipple used on our Baby Bottle and Eco Baby Bottle. That is the best testing score in the whole industry.

A lot is happening at Herobility. Since the launch in 2017, we have more than doubled our assortment. We have won awards for our innovation skills and sustainability. Most recently we were elected Baby product of the year in the environment category for our Eco Baby Bottle and the Care, Eat and Sleep category for our new Eco Placemat Feeding Set 4 pcs.

With Herobility you will always receive high-quality products that work in real life. That are worth spreading and bragging about. We have the same philosophy when it comes to selecting our collaborations. It has to feel right down the whole road so that we have collaborations that make us feel proud.

As children and sustainability are what’s closest to our heart, we are incredibly proud of our close cooperation with the World Childhood Foundation and Trees for the Future. 

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