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Giving back to nature and society


World Childhood Foundation

Since 2016, Herobility has supported World Childhood Foundation to prevent child abuse and provide children around the world with a safe and loving childhood. We share their values, and we are so proud that we can support them!


Trees for the Future

Another team of heroes we're working with is Trees for the Future. Together we have planted 20.000 trees in Africa, with more to come. This helps farmers escape a life of poverty, restores biological diversity, reduces our CO2 footprint and removes greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Eco Lifestyle with Herobility

We’ve decided to start making some of our new products with bioplastics made from corn starch. The corn absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere, which helps reduce global warming. Protein and fibers are separated from corn and husks and transformed into bioplastic, which are quite a bit friendlier to our planet.