Herobility and Sustainability

Since the beginning, we’ve made our products from carefully selected materials. They include cotton, silicone, plastic free from dangerous toxins, and most recently corn starch. We put safety and sustainability first when developing our products. We want them to last for years, or even generations.

In 2018, our HeroEcoBottle won the award Baby Product of the Year in the Environment category, something we’re incredibly proud of. As the first baby bottle made with plant based materials, it’s opened a whole new market in the world of baby products.

We’re proud to be leading the way, but we’re not satisfied yet. There’s so much more to be done, and so much potential for development in our industry.

Beyond our own work, it’s important to us to be collaborating with organisations striving for a more sustainable world, both when it comes to the environment and our society.


All of Herobility’s products are tested against strict global safety standards. They are tested and approved by EN 14350, EU 10/2011, US FDA CFR 21 177.1520, GB 4806.7-201 and CA SOR / 2011-17.

All of our products are from toxins like BPA, BPS, BPF, and DEHP. Herobility’s manufacturing facilities in China comply with Good Manufacturing Practice, human rights, as well as ISO9001 and BSCI.

Trees for the Future

Since 1989, Trees for the Future has helped thousands of communities in Africa, Asia and Central America through training, fostering leadership, and planting nearly 65 million trees. The organisation works with local farmers, engineers, volunteers and community leaders to successively increase the positive effect on the environment and families. Read more here.

World Childhood Foundation

World Childhood Foundation was founded in 1989 by H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden. The purpose of the organisation is to protect every child’s right to a safe and loving childhood by improving the conditions for children at risk of violence or exploitation. The organisation can be found in Brazil, Germany, Sweden and the United States, and sipports over 100 projects globally. All projects are based on the same values – children have a right to their childhood, safety, joy and curiosity. Read more here.