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Eco Baby Spoon & Fork Pink

6+ month, 2 pack

8.99 EUR

Perfect for small hands
Learning how to eat can actually be fun and enjoyable. With Herobility’s Eco Baby Spoon & Fork your baby gets support towards self-feeding and developing new skills. Ergonomically designed and shaped for your baby’s hands, with a thumbhole that gives a better grip. The end is gentle on your baby’s gums and mouth. Be amazed to see how your baby finds a good grip at the first try!

Care instructions: Do not boil, or in other way expose the product to temperatures above 90°C/194°F, since materials may become misshaped or deformed. Dishwasher safe in the top rack at maximum 60°C. Note that there may be small variations in the color of your product. A soft marbling effect is normal and does not affect the function or hygiene of the product.

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Designed for beginners

The handle on Eco Baby Spoon & Fork is perfectly shaped to support your baby’s first steps towards self-feeding. It has a unique multi-grip, with a thumbhole, that lets your baby discover how to best grasp, move and eat with the spoon and fork. Without sharp edges, it’s a great way to help your baby’s development.

Made with plant-based material

Our Eco-line is made with corn. The cornstarch is extracted after those parts of the corn that can be used for food is taken care of. The cornstarch is then transformed into bioplastic. While growing, corn absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere, which helps to reduce global warming. It can be recycled back to nature through industrial composting – ask your local recycling station for advice.

3 reviews for Eco Baby Spoon & Fork Pink

  1. Ronald Wyllins  –  @@sommerrains

    Wonderful product…made feeding my granddaughter so easy and less messy!

  2. Verena  – 

    Wir haben bereits verschiedenes Besteck ausprobiert. Dieses liegt dem Kleinen einfach am besten in der Hand durch das Fingerloch. Aufgrund der Kürze kann er es auch gut zum Mund führen. So kann er toll lernen mit Besteck zu essen 👏🏻

  3. kristina buchmüller  –  @kristinabuchmuller

    Since the cutlery is so short in size my girl has it easier to but it in her mouth.

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