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Anti-Colic Teat X-Large

2-pack, 6+ month

7.99 EUR

Patent-pending and loved by babies
Based on studies of babies’ feeding habits, our Anti-Colic Teat makes feeding easier and safer. The unique, breast-like shape feels natural for the baby and encourages a wide-open latch. Our Baby Bottles are highly recommended among parents, especially when they’re struggling with the transition from breast to bottle or looking for a way to reduce gas and discomfort. Consumer testing shows that 97% of babies accept the baby bottle nipple. The soft bumps fit the corners of your baby’s mouth to reduce drooling and prevent air from being swallowed. Combined with traditional air valves, the Anti-Colic Teat from Herobility has an innovative, patent-pending double anti-colic system.

Double Anti-Colic System

Our Anti-Colic Teat is made in top-quality medical grade silicone and designed with a double anti-colic system. The soft bumps of the teat close the corners of the mouth, reducing the risk of your baby swallowing air or drooling. The air valve prevents creation of a vacuum inside the bottle and produces an even flow to make the feeding easier for your baby. Less air in your baby’s tummy means you’ll get a happier baby.

Which Teat is the right one?

Our Anti-Colic Teat comes in five sizes. There’re some common signs that your baby might require a faster flow: Baby dozes off during feeding, sucks harder and faster on the nipple than before, stops and cries, or drinks less than previously. If your baby is choking or struggling with the bottle, the flow might be too fast. Note that it sometimes takes your baby a week or so to get used to a faster flow.

  • XS
    0+ months – Slow flow, short nipple Suitable for breast milk & formula.
  • S
    0+ months – Slow flow, regular nipple Suitable for breast milk & formula.
  • M
    2+ months – Medium flow, regular nipple Suitable for breast milk & formula.
  • L
    4+ months – Fast flow, regular nipple Suitable for all kinds of liquids.
  • XL
    6+ months – Extra fast flow, self-regulating, regular nipple Suitable for thicker fluids.

16 reviews for Anti-Colic Teat X-Large

  1. Danielle  – 

    Love everything about these bottles! My daughter loves these bottles and won’t drink out of anything else! Love the quality, only ever had one issue with one of our bottles.
    Will continue to support and shop here!

  2. Melinda Bernstein  – 

    These are perfect for my little one. She gets both bottle and breast and transitions seamlessly.

  3. Alejandra Jusidman  – 

    Love these. Fits perfectly into my baby’s mouth, reducing spillage and air intake.

  4. Jessica Rotondella  – 

    Love these nipples!!! My baby eats at a good pace and doesn’t make a mess at all!
    I’ve tried all the other top brands and he would either choke or make a complete mess

  5. Mary Young  – 

    I absolutely love these bottles and the teats. I live in the United States and there’s no baby bottles like these here, that I’ve found. My 3 month old LO has been having issues with swallowing too much air because of getting too much air in the sides of her mouth. So these have been a huge life saver! I’ve tried MAM baby bottles, the Bare system, playtex bottles with collapsing bag, Nuk baby bottles, plus so many more and none have helped her as much as these! I can’t see us using any others in the near future! I’m so thankful I ran across this companies baby bottles!

  6. Hannah Bimschleger  – 

    Great extra nipples

  7. Leigh Rose  – 

    Was hoping the xs nipple would have a slower flow. It’s still too fast for my 2 month old. I guess I’m going to have to wait till he’s older to use all my bottles.

  8. Natasha Ineichen  – 

    Very good for my 11 month old. He even plays with it before cause so soft

  9. Amanda Gutierrez  – 

    I got these to replace the size small that came in my BabyList bottle box. Herobility bottles have been great for my daughter.

  10. Maya Campara  – 

    We are still using MEDIUM but expect to transition to LARGE with time.

  11. Maya Campara  – 

    We have a very gassy baby so we continued to use SMALL size well into 4th month. We finally transitioned to MEDIUM at 4.5 months.

  12. Gabriela  – 

    Happy with product

  13. Ovidiu Dobre  – 

    The product is very good, but I cannot find it anymore in Bucharest, Romania.

  14. Sara Nunes  – 

    The best!

  15. Ilene Martinez  – 

    Much easier for baby (3 months) to nurse from

  16. Broadies  –  @Broadies Byas

    This product is the best! A must have

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Before using HeroTeat, please make sure the slit in the air valves is open. Don't forget to clean your hands before handling! Before using HeroTeat, please make sure the slit in the air valves is open. Don't forget to clean your hands before handling! This is applicable to HeroTeat with two air valves. If you have a HeroTeat with one air valve all you need to do is make sure that the slit in the air valve is open. You can do it in a similar way that is shown in the video above and the instructions below. Instructions: Softly pull the two air valves downwards, they're located on the inside of the teat. Press lightly on the two air valves to make sure they opens. Check that the slit or hole at the tip of the nipple is open. That's it, you're now ready to use your HeroTeat.