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Becoming a parent is a huge deal. It doesn’t matter if it’s happening for the first or tenth time. It’s something that changes your whole world, bringing you new challenges and joys. That’s something worth celebrating!

Here you can find tricks and material to use when arranging a baby shower, carefully assembled gift packs for future and new parents as well as inspiration from others baby showers.

Planning a baby shower?

Make a toast with this sorbet mocktail

This chill and tasty Vitamin C bomb balances sweet and sour in a delicate way. Making it a perfect mocktail for the welcome toast. Of course, it’s non-alcoholic.

  • Add 1 scoop of lemon sorbet at the bottom of a high glass.
  • Add the pulp of half a passion fruit and 1½ tbsp lime juice.
  • Fill up with crushed ice and about 2–3 dl (0.8–1.3 cups) tonic water.
  • Stir with a long spoon and garnish with mint leaves.

Sure, every baby shower is unique in a way. But we can’t help to smile when we see somethings that seem to happen at every baby shower. Why not count the next time you’re going to one? Someone tells an uncomfortable anecdote about someone named the same as the proposed name of the baby. Consciously or unconsciously. Someone feel panic over what they’ve achieved so far in life (or rather what they haven’t achieved yet). Someone feels the bump a bit longer than what should be seen as reasonable. Someone shows up with an extraordinary diaper cake that they DIYed…

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A no-pressure gathering of loved ones celebrating something so magical. No strict ties to a timeline or outline. Just having fun!

Four moms share their best babyshower memories.